Successful partnership with Edugrade establish to offer ambitious and high-skilled talents a future within Telecom

September 15, 2023

The MastIT Group and Edugrade partnership entered in the second quarter 2023 has developed according to plan and the first well-trained and educated junior installers and certified mast engineers have recently started its positions as Installation Trainees at MastIT Group.

Both Edugrade and MastIT Group expect the co-operation to grow during coming years in order to offer curious and ambitious resources a proven route into the emerging 5G installation industry. MastIT believe that the MastIT Trainee Installation Program, in close co- operation with Edugrade, is a great method to find younger and ambitious installers to add to our already strong and experienced installation teams.

If you are curious about how it is to work within the growing 5G installation vertical, do not hesitate to contact either Edugrade or MastIT Group to learn more.


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