Reference cases

Private 5G (Industry 4.0) Networks in indoor & outdoor environments

MastIT Group has experience from site acquisition and project management incl complete installations of private 5G networks for critical and sensitive operations such as for example state-of-the-art harbors, hospitals and prisons that requires highest possible standards related to security and operations.

Utilizing our own experienced resources incl know-how, or in close co-operations with various skilled Tech Consultants, we support your investment and optimize the project from planning, installation and to operate a secure private 5G network. The benefits with controlling and operating your own 5G network in comparison with WLAN, DAS and Wi-Fi networks are many, and the investment often show a very short ROI besides the stability, security and consistency in your operations which increase the productivity KPI, output and thus your profitability as a business. Related to the private 5G Networks also infrastructure supporting IoT (Internet of Things) could be offered in co-operation with our close partnerships with industry experts.

Please contact us to learn more about the benefits achieved by installing and operating your own private 5G network, as well as how MastIT Group can plan, install and operate your 5G network to achieve highest ROI, stability and security.

Nationwide roll-out of 3G, 4G and 5G networks

MastIT Group is a company that specializes in delivering top-quality installation services. With our extensive knowledge, expertise, and experience, we can handle a wide range of projects, such as new installation of 5G networks as well as service, management and upgrading of existing mobile communication networks, to dismantling of the older 3G networks etc. We could through our long-lasting partnerships with our honored clients prove highest possible quality in all areas of a successful network roll-out no matter if the installation environment is related to greenfield, urban areas, roof-top, indoor or harsh environments.

To ensure the success of each rollout project, we proactively secure the availability of hardware and components well in advance, and subject critical equipment parts to functional testing. In addition, we pre-install, configure and rigorously test sensitive equipment at our production and distribution sites before packing and shipping it to the installation site or our local logistics & distribution centers.

Please contact us to learn more about the benefits achieved by having MastIT manage your network roll-out incl installing and operating communication network. We can offer to support you through the entire life-cycle of the radio network and we would like to have a dialogue how MastIT Group can support you to plan, install and operate incl handle maintenance and service of your 5G network to achieve highest ROI, stability and security.

Networks for military and critical operations in society incl fire and police forces

MastIT Group has many years of experience from working in close co-operations with other high-preforming suppliers in the industry to take the full ownership of the communication networks of security-classified networks within, for example, the military, healthcare & correctional services etc. In close collaboration with skilled and niche Tech Consultants in the various fields we offer security and privacy in most types of critical installations projects.

At MastIT Group, we have developed a distinctive approach to our business model and work methodology. Our team of over a hundred skilled employees and installers is dedicated to delivering top-notch installation of the latest technology. MastIT guarantees the use of highly educated & qualified installers, the latest techniques and tools for every installation project. In addition, we make sure that the other required necessary equipment and machinery are present on-site to facilitate high-quality installations.

With a team of highly experienced operating technicians overseeing installation and commissioning, MastIT is capable of ongoing monitoring and diagnostic checks to ensure optimal performance of communication networks. Additionally, on-call operations are available to promptly address any operational disruptions. The company’s installation technicians possess the necessary skills to quickly resolve various issues that arise during ongoing management and future maintenance of communication networks, giving users the assurance that their mobile sites and communication networks are providing the security required in critical network area.

MastIT Group – your enhanced and outsourced service & maintenance operations

We offer service contracts with our dedicated service & installations technicians stand-by in the event if your network goes down or needs immediate attention. MastIT has broad knowledge and knowhow of experience, comprehension, and expertise in the installation, implementation, and operation of a variety of communication networks, with a particular emphasis on cutting-edge mobile technologies like 5G and security- classified networks. Our team also comprises highly knowledgeable and skilled operational technicians who oversee and monitor projects using our own or the customer’s monitoring systems. Depending on the unique needs of our clients we could tailor the Service Agreement to meet your requirements, and based on our organization distributed throughout Sweden we could offer quick support to address the service needs for your network.

Besides various Service Agreements (SLA), we could also offer our experienced technicians and engineers as consultants on short-term and long-term contracts. Depending on your needs and specific project or area you need our expertise we could propose an offer that meets your requirements, no matter if it is to solve a temporary demand or a long-term commitment though and Service Agreement.

MastIT Group – your go-to-partner within the installation area (incl operational and maintenance) of your communication network

To summarize, MastIT Group is there to support you with any needs you might have in the communication network area and in especially within the field of 5G radio communication. Please contact us to learn more.